Review Officers

Amberley Gavel’s Review Officers have been selected to provide clients of the Program with integrity, a breadth of experience, and geographic dispersion.

The closed meeting investigation process requires them to utilize knowledge of the technical procedures that Municipal Councils and staff must follow, and their experience gained as municipal professionals in order to understand the public interests, and political and administrative processes in play.

Review Officers are knowledgeable about the specific requirements of the Municipal Act 2001, including the limits of the investigator role. Training will be continually updated.

The peer review process employed by Amberley Gavel for each investigator report will take advantage of the different skills available within the Review Officer group in order that each complaint is reviewed with the independence, impartiality, confidentiality and credible investigative process required by the Municipal Act 2001.

Review Officer assignments will be made recognizing and avoiding any known potential for conflicts of interest. Amberley Gavel will appreciate input from municipalities should they identify a situation whereby the assignment of a particular member of the Review Officer panel might be either preferred or inappropriate.

For any questions related to signing up with the LAS Investigator Program please contact: Jason Hagan, LAS Program Coordinator at 416-971-9856 ext. 320 or by email at: Those who have signed up with LAS may contact Amberley Gavel directly at

For more detail about the Review Officers named below, please see their individual linked bios by clicking on their names.