Nigel Bellchamber

Nigel Bellchamber has held a variety of municipal offices, in both two tier and single tier systems, rural and urban, including Clerk, Treasurer, Commissioner of Finance and Administration, and Chief Administrative Officer.

Since 2001 his firm, N. G. Bellchamber & Associates, has consulted with numerous municipalities, local boards and provincial organizations on topics including organizational review, asset management, strategic planning, senior staff recruitment, governance, and financial management.

Nigel is a member of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario councillor education and training team, involved in developing and facilitating its Effective Municipal Councillor Program as well as its Municipal Act 2001 sessions.

Nigel holds diplomas in Honours Business Administration and in Local Government from The University of Western Ontario and enjoys continued involvement with local government officials and processes spanning more than 30 years. He is a member of the Public Sector Accounting Board which sets accounting standards for Canadian governmental organizations.