Paul Philion

Paul Philion began his municipal career in 1973 with the Regional Municipality of Sudbury as an administrative assistant to the Regional Engineer. By 1978 Paul had become the Clerk for the Region, a position he held until 1995. His other responsibilities with the Region of Sudbury have included Coordinator of French Language Services and Coordinator / Policy Advisor for the Provincial Downloading Task Force for the Region. In addition, Paul was the Communications and Public Relations Officer for the Region from 1995 to 1998.

In addition to Paul’s extensive experience in the administration of municipal elections, he has also been a training officer for Elections Ontario in the Sudbury riding since 2002. He has supervised election officials in this capacity. He has performed the same role for elections Canada in the past two federal elections.

Paul has been a public member of the Consent and Capacity Board since 2003. This Board is under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As a member of the Board, Paul is an Adjudicator on Mental Health Act, Health Care Consent Act and Substitute Decisions Act throughout Ontario particularly Northern Ontario.

Paul is proficient in both French and English. He resides in Sudbury.

Paul is a graduate of Laurentian University (Sudbury) with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Queen’s University with a Diploma in Municipal Administration.